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About Professor Honey

My name is Nerissa Reaves. I was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

And although my parents taught me many things, the most important thing my father expressed to me was to ALWAYS take care of my credit. That was his gospel.

And things went well, at first.

After graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta and attending schools all over the world as both a student and a teacher, a critical problem became apparent to me.

There is a serious lack of financial education in our school systems.

Schools in the US of A just don’t seem to value the idea of teaching people how money, credit, lending and even trade lines can work together to build you up… or take you down.

After building and renovating businesses and properties including – but not limited to – a restaurant and even a bed and breakfast (all using my own credit by the way), disaster struck. I had a property in Connecticut that was hit by a con artist. A professional “squatter”. It was insane. And I probably would’ve listened to my intuition were it not for a single phrase she uttered near the end of my interview process with her: “God sent me to you, God sent me to this house- let’s pray.”

I said, “Well she’s a God loving woman, how wrong could it go…?”

Famous last words.

Between the trips to court from New Orleans, to the actual court costs, to covering for damages and losses- I easily spent about $100,000 in one year on JUST THIS PROPERTY that the squatter had taken over and was living in rent free. But, even worse- my beloved credit score was now in shambles.

I’d broken a cardinal rule. I was a personal guarantor on most of my properties!

No one had taught me about personal credit except my dad who was always saying “Keep It HIGH” constantly. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE had ever mentioned even a whisper about the importance of business credit. I was left naked and completely ashamed from this experience and the onslaught of experiences that stemmed from this disaster thereafter.

But the good news is, on my journey back I had an epiphany: ALMOST ANYONE in the places I’ve lived from the East coast to the South to the West and the North- could easily find themselves in the same predicament as I had been. This is scary for anyone with a sense of moral responsibility and ambition.

Some of the things I’ve discovered left me outraged and some of the other things I learned left me inspired. But, one of the most mind-blowing concepts I now want to share with the entire country is that Credit Scores are the easiest way to cure poverty!

Since an 800 credit score is worth $100,000 in buying power – and just 1,000 of them can put $100 million dollars into the hands of the shrinking middle class, than that’s just what we’re about to do. Even the $1,000 credit score challenge is symbolic of the thousands of lives we’ve set out to change using a simple 3 digit number. The Credit Score is the biggest predictor of financial destiny in this country.

We are on a mission to improve personal credit, business credit and the lives of ordinary people like you and I who are getting abused by a financial system that relies on the ignorance of the masses. After all of the hard work that you have put in over your entire lifetime, you deserve to level up and reap the rewards. Me and my team will guide you through the entire process. Remember: We do all the work – and YOU get all the credit!

Start opening up new financial opportunities!

Start opening up new financial opportunities!

Get started today with everything you need to start absolutely crushing your credit score!

Get started today with everything you need to start absolutely crushing your credit score!

A 30 minute consultation to discuss your personal credit situation and what we can do to help.

A 30 minute consultation to discuss your personal credit situation and what we can do to help.
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